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Mar 6, 2013 9:00am PST
will be housed in the pentagon and, thus, providing the ability under law to be more transparent. >> go ahead, michael. >> that still doesn't answer the underlying question. that's all nice bureaucratic organization of the charts, but it still doesn't answer the underlying -- >> i call it the u.s. law. >> that too, but you're not a lawyer. again, the point is how does the government respond to the question of killing united states cities abroad through drones, how does the drone program in its implementation more broadly speaking apply to u.s. citizens, which as you've pointed out, alex, the question answered was a little bit nebulous. that's the legitimate point we need to get to. i get what you're saying about how the cia should handle this and the defense department handle that, but the role of the u.s. government in sponsoring a program in which the lives of a u.s. citizen is a question mark in its engagement of foreign policy or national security is a legitimate question. >> just one thing to be clear, this was not a policy that started in january of 2009, right? i know you know that. >>
Mar 7, 2013 9:00am PST
in the land. first nominated to the d.c. your yut court in 2011, and graduate of princeton and georgetown law has been waiting for an up or down vote for 720 days. every republican senator, except for one, lisa murkowski voted to block her nomination. president obama made his displeasure known. quote, "i am deeply disappointed that despite support from a majority of the u.s. senate, minority of senators continues to block the nomination of katilyn halligan. today's vote continues. the white house also released statistics showing the difference in average wait times between president obama's district court nominees and those of his predecessor. the obstruction pushed democrats, including dick durbin to rethink the decision to not overhaul the filibuster process at the start of this term zoosh i feel sorry for her. i hate to suggest this, but if this is an indication of where we're headed, we need to revisit the reforms. i'm sorry to say it because i was hopeful that a bipart sflan approach to dealing with these issues would work. >> um, richard, who is going to get their paperwork handled firs
Mar 5, 2013 9:00am PST
rhetoric, there's that classic law and order, right? he was just saying those people will come here. well, if we create a magnet. >> the magnet. the reintroduction of the magnet -- >> that is an old -- >> when does self-deport come up? >> let me tell you, it's interesting, the romney people are furious because they feel like jeb attacked him for his position throughout the cycle, and now is he in the same position. >> just a quick reality check. jeb bush met his wife in mexico. she is mexican. his children are technically latino. they are referred to by his father as the little brown ones once. i mean, this issue has people talking about this as if they have no personal relationship to it. for him to do anything other than be an advocate of robust and fairly open immigration is absurd and hypocritical. >> this, sam, goes to the fundamental problem here. there is a difference between actually legislating as a republican in office as a governor i'll say and actually running for office, which is to get through that primary season, you have got to tack further and further and further, and wha
Mar 4, 2013 9:00am PST
. you can also make a very compelling conservative moral case for gay marriage being the law of the land. >> i will say, though, the washington post and abc news took a poll, and asked republicans about gay marriage. 54% strongly opposed it. 12% somewhat opposed it. 16% strongly supported, and 15% somewhat supported. now, we played tape of the president, and he has come a long way on this issue, and, in fact, the amicus, the friend of the court brief that nicole was talking about, has more strongly worded support for gay marriage than the president's actual, you know -- the doj sent over to the court, but at the end of the day, you know, will and can the party evolve quickly enough to win over parts of the country that it has not won, which is to say gay merjz, which overwhelmingly voted for the president in the last election. >> the two representatives that signed on represent south florida and i think a part of the new york city, so we're not talking about the conversion in the heartland. i think that what's really happening is that there has not been a kind of third way that moderate
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4